Angels have been around even before the birth of
Man.  They are God’s protectors, messengers,
healers and as needed, assistants.  When I first
learned I was opening up as a Medium, an
Archangel came to me, who I call John.  
Periodically John will come to me with a
message.  He is not hard to miss since the size of
his energy is eight feet high and about seven feet
wide.  But Angel’s are all around us whether we
realize it or not.  Over the past year and a half
when I drive on the freeway at any given time, I see
beautiful splotches, ribbons, orbs or large areas
of purple that also follow the linear lines of cars,
trees, telephone lines or just the road.  At first they
were small and I thought that I was just seeing
things, but as time went on the purple splotches
got bigger.  My spirit guide, Thomas, advised me
that these were Angel’s that are assigned to hang
out on or near roadways to assist anybody.  I now
see them everywhere including buildings, homes,
roadways, etc.  When I started doing readings, I
could always feel an Angel’s presence and their
wings.  When I first started investigating the
Corona house, I told the owner that he had an
Angel next to him with its wings wrapped around
him.  Two weeks later he was involved in a fight
and was hit in the head.  Two days later he was in
the hospital with a brain bleed.  He did survive
with no further problems, which brings me to
another story.  I just completed a reading for a
Mom whose daughter was killed in a car accident
2 years ago.  She fell asleep at the wheel and
veered off the roadway and hit a tree.  As I
connected with her she showed me what
happened after the accident.  She was in spirit
form standing next to her car and saw herself
deceased in the front seat.  She became very
upset, crying when two Angels came out of
nowhere, grabbed her and pulled her into the
tunnel of light to the Other Side.  For me this was
confirmation that Angel’s are all around us and
will even assist us in crossing over.  One more
thing.  I did see two Angel’s come into the room
where my dog Lady passed away and took her to
‘Doggie’ Heaven.  Thank God for Angels.  
My spirit guides wanted me to do a page on
Angels.  I advised them that I would need
some proof to show people and they agreed.  
I asked my Arch-Angel John to come to me
and let me take a picture of him.  The result
is a very bright orb in the middle right side of
my TV.  
The green orb you see is also an Angel.  
They do appear to me in other colors such as
blue and purple.
This is Julio before his head injury/accident.  
I do believe that I captured his Angel on his
chest, again in the shape of an orb.
Two months ago my Mom and step-Dad where
taking a vacation in New York City when my Mom
was walking down a flight of stairs to get on the
subway.  Halfway down she fell and broke both of
her ankles.  She was rushed to the hospital
where they performed surgery on her, putting her
broken ankle bones back in place with metal
plates and screws.  The nurses and Doctor's told
her it would be six weeks or more before she
could go home.  After the surgery I performed a
remote healing's from California and both of us
asked for healing Angels to come down and
assist in mending her bones.  Did it work?  You
bet it did.  She came back to California within two
weeks!   I truly believe that if you need an Angel to
help heal an injury or illness, they will respond
and help out.
                                               SPIRIT GUIDES

Spirit Guides have been around since the dawn of man.  Guiding us
through our complicated and sometimes difficult lives.  They are with
you 24/7 from the time you are born to the time you die.  The need
for a spirit guide is defined at the moment you decide you want to
come back to this earth and experience another life.  After you have
sat down and written out your personal life chart, you must decide
who your spirit guide will be.  You have one of three choices.  They
will either be a past friend that you knew on this earth, someone you
know on The Other Side or have one assigned to you.  My Spirit
Guide, Thomas, was assigned to me.  The need for a spirit guide is
mandatory.  They will be the one who will be guiding you through
your life’s journey by periodically going to the Hall of Records and re-
reading your chart.  This is extremely important for you want to
experience everything you have written down on your chart.  
Reasons only you know of and thought of before you came back.  

Spirit Guide’s take years to learn how to be your personal guide and
had to have lived at least one life on this earth so they will know what
you will be experiencing first hand.  Spirit Guide’s are attached to you
the moment of your birth and remain by your side no matter what.  
Even if you stray off the path of your chart, they will continue to give
you guidance until you get back on the right path.  They hold no
judgment against you and only have your best interest in their minds
and hearts.  

During your life’s journey they periodically know when its time to give
a suggestion on where you should be going.  The ‘idea’ you
sometimes get will probably most likely be from your Spirit Guide.  But
of course you will think it is all your own.  When necessary if they see
that your life is just to demanding and over burdening you, they can
make the trip to the higher spirits, or as I call it ‘The Committee’, and
argue for your sake to get your life chart changed so you don’t have
to go through an extremely tough time.  But it is ultimately up to The
Committee to make the final say so if things can be changed.  Also,
Spirit Guides are not relatives who have recently passed on or
Angels.  They are someone you have picked from the far past, who
you trust, that will be with you the whole time on this Earth.  So if you
are experiencing a tough time in your life, talk to your Sprit Guide like
a close friend.  Let them know how you feel and what you want to do
to change things.  If it is possible or meant to be, the change might
just come, subtle, but in a special way.
Angels / Spirit Guides
Take a look at these pics my friend sent me
of herself.  She had professional pictures
taken and later decided to re-take the
pictures herself so she would have extra.  At
the top, the first pic shows a white grainy
bright light on the right bottom corner.  

The second pic shows the white light has
now moved to the middle of the pic and is
becoming more solid.

The third pic the white light has now moved
to the center of  pic and has become more
solid and brighter surrounding her whole

An Angel.  Yes!  I have always felt this Angel
around her and here is the proof !
My wife took this pic of me in the backyard of
a home we were looking at to buy.  As you
can tell it is daylight.  Up in the pine tree,
upper right, you can see a very brilliant purple
large orb.  When I saw it I couldn't believe my
eyes that such a bright purple orb could
show up during the daylight.  Of course I
asked my main Angel, John if this was him
showing himself to me and he said yes.
A friend of mine from Arizona sent me this of
a pic she took at her house.  No need for any
other explanation.