Ghost Removals
Southern California Specialized Paranormal investigations
The house in Montebello

I was contacted by the owner of this home in
a quiet part of Montebello.  Their main
complaint was hearing footsteps on the
wooden floor, un-explained shadows moving
across the walls, seeing smoke coming from
the floor and spiralling up and through the
ceiling.   The owner also refused to go into
the large backyard at night.  After the first visit
I discovered a Vortex in the front room,
Imprints of Indian tepees on the driveway and
in the backyard.  When I entered into the front
room  I hit upon an imprint if a large circle of
rocks, which was a fire pit used by the
Indians to do their ceremonies.  After I
explained the pit is when they advised me of
the smoke coming from the exact same
spot.  There were several spirits in the
house, 3 I assisted in crossing over.  We
were invited back over at night and took
some very interesting pictures.  After we all
went into the backyard I hit upon a small
wooden log structure and saw a
trapper/trader standing in the door-way.  I
also advised the owner that the area felt like
alot of death occurred.  The owner told me
that he had just found out that a block away a
famous battle had occurred.  I did some
research and discovered that in 1847 the
Battle of Rio San Gabriel had occurred in the
area of his home.  It was during the Mexican
War and the battle went on for a few days.  
The Americans drove the Mexican army back
to Los Angeles starting from Montebello.
You can't see the very large orb until you increase
the size of the picture.  But the owner told me that
his next door neighbor had died recently and I told
him yes I know she keeps on watching us from the
bedroom window.  He told me that the lady was a
recluse and never left her house.  Well as we
were taking pictures of her backyard she
approached us and with a mean glare told me that
whatever we were doing was probably against
the law  I told her to be quiet and smile and took the
above picture.  
My very first seance.  Not
sure how it would turn out,
the owner had several of
her relatives show up and
we proceeded.  We
contacted the owners
brother who when asked to
make a noise, bang on the
wall, move the table to let us
know it was him.  Well he
did something quite
amazing.  We all heard a
'clicking'noise like a clock
but there were no clocks in
the room.  Then I looked up
and the ceiling fan, which
was on low, sped up,
getting louder and louder.  I
asked him if it was him to
stop the clicking on the fan.  
The fan slowed down and
the clicking stopped!  And I
have proof!  I got the
clicking/fan noise on my
tape recorder.   
If you are experiencing ghostly activity, poltergeists, any type of
paranormal activity, negative or uncomfortable feelings in a
particular room or in your home please
contact me for I can help.  
Go to the
about us page for an explanation about Shadow Ghosts
which I remove permanetly.  
This is the driveway where I hit upon the imprints
of Indian teepees.

Our team is dedicated to
the exploration of
paranormal activity.  Our
main objective is pre and
post investigation of the
history of the area,
attempting contact with the
ghost entity, as well as
investigating the history of
the home and or building.  
We also remove any
ghosts or entity that is in
the area.   
This 100 year-old home in Colton proved to
be quite a challenge for us.  The previous
owners were mentally unstable and quite
possibly insane, thus inviting in negative
spirits and Shadow entities.  I removed or
crossed over four Shadow entities and five
ghosts.  There is also a Vortex in the kitchen.  

I went back 2 weeks later at the insistence of
the home owner.  Apparently a mean and
disturbing dark entity was still there.  
Apparently the first time I was there he hid
somewhere and when I left he came back
with a vengeance.  He would emotionally and
physically attack them day or night.  This had
been going on for six years.  As soon as I
walked into the front door and down the hall, I
was overwhelmed with a strong heavy
energy.  Immediately I became highly
anxious, dizzy and nauseous.  It was so bad
that I walked away to the front door and called
my Arch Angel John down to assist me.  He
surrounded the entity with his wings and the
fight was on.  The dark entities name was
Carl and he was a hater of women.  This is
why he was hanging around.  I could see
Carl fighting to get away from the tight hold .  
This went on for about a minute, when I
called down 2 more Angels to assist.  
Eventually Carl tired out and with my
convincing and the Angels strength he was
forced into the Light.  Upon going into the
Light he immediately was moved into the Left
Door where to this day he is being held.  

The house is more at peace now and feels
'lighter' according to the owner.
I did a reading for a 17 year old who wanted
to know about his past.  I discovered a
Shadow entity next to him and sent him
away.  The client states that they feel
physically and mentally better.
I responded to a home in Alhambra and
removed one ghost and one Shadow entity.  
The room where the Shadow entity was is
'lighter' and they feel more relaxed and
peaceful in their home.

I was contacted by a couple in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, to go to their
home and remove a particularly nasty ghost.  They had already
spent quite a large amount of money trying to remove the ghost
from their property but to no avail.  They had tried psychics from as
far away as Canada, who claimed to remove them by telephone, to
try to remove them.  They even flew out a psychic from California to
do the deed, but to no avail.  I said "yes" and found myself on a
plane on June 11, 2009, flying to Missouri.  The couple were
extremely polite, full of that good ole southern hospitality and eager
to get rid of the ghost that had been plaguing them.  After I arrived
and had done a walk though, I discovered the owner was a Devil
worshipper.  I was advised the previous owner's were Atheist's and
had denounced God and his teachings.  The neighborhood said
they would not contact or talk to them because they would receive a
cussing out or other type of angry outburst.  Due to the past owners
Devil worshipping, he had brought into the residence a large
number of Shadow ghosts who were bent on not leaving.  The
house had a Vortex in the master bedroom, as well as down the
street a Civil war battle had taken place.  This couple had bought a
home where the ghosts were plentiful and wanted to remain.  Plus
the original owner (the Devil worshipper) had died a year ago and
was harassing the couple with heavy footsteps during the day and
at night, tapping on the windows, and causing a 'popping' noise in
the front room.  The entity would also cause them nightmare's,
show himself as a dark mist in any of the rooms, hovering over
them at night and causing scratches and bruises on their arms.   
This had been going on for 9 months.  The bi-level house was huge
and contained several rooms, closets and an attic that all needed to
be explored.  I set about the home going from one room to the next
crossing over any ghosts or calling for assistance my Arch Angel
John.  Along with my spirit guide we were able to get rid of 6 ghosts
and 8 Shadow people.  One of the Shadow ghosts had morphed
into a creature with pointed long ears, large cat eyes and very long
finger nails.  Although it is rare, my spirit guide Thomas said that if
the Shadow person wants to they will morph into an ugly beast.  The
original owner, and the most problematic, was hiding when I
showed up.  This sometimes happens when they know I am
coming.  It happened in Colton and in Missouri.  I went through the
whole house and he was not there.  So we went out to dinner and
devised a plan.  I took my spirit guide and John with me to the
restaurant and decided to keep an eye on this ghosts energy to see
if it came back.  Sure enough Thomas told me that he was back in
the house in his favorite room, the master bedroom.  We drove
quietly into the driveway and snuck into the home through the
sliding patio door.  I crept into the bedroom and saw him with his
back turned to me.  I yelled out 'HEY'.  He turned around and I
surrounded him with my energy as well as John grabbed him and
surrounded him with his wings.  I saw the fight going on and
ordered another Angel to come and assist.  As we held him I had
the current owners wife come into the room to see if it was indeed
him.  She is sensitive also and knew his energy signature.  She got
close to him and said that it was indeed him.  I could hear him
yelling, "No, no! I don't want to go!"  I saw him reach out and grab for
the wife but the Angels were too strong and dragged him into the
light and into the Left Door.  Later the wife advised me that at the
time he was reaching out she felt him grab her shirt and pull  on it.  
This was an exciting adventure for me and a full filling one. I was
able to clear out the home of unwanted ghosts, making it a peaceful
place to live in.  Per the couple the house is calmer, quieter and
now livable.     
I responded to a home in South Gate where
the renters complained about ghosts moving
things around, rattling doors and harassing
the renter.  I successfully removed three
Shadow ghosts from the premises.  In this
picture to the right of the door, when you
enlarge it you can make out a man's face.
My niece contacted me and told me that she
was having a hard time sitting in her living
room by herself.  She felt uneasy and like
someone was looming over her from
behind.  I discovered a Shadow ghost had
moved in recently (earlier in the year I had
cleaned out her home of a ghost so i knew
there was nothing else in her home).  He
was a big one standing at 6 feet tall.  John,
my Arch-Angel and I removed him to The
Other Side.  You can see his large orb in the
top of the picture.
I have just returned from removing two very
bad Shadow ghosts.  The home owner
advised me that the ghost would shake her
out of bed or push her very hard till she woke
up.  She also had a feeling she was being
watched by someone.  In this pic you can see
the outline of the Shadow ghost standing
behind her.
I met an interesting woman the other day
who had experienced for most of her life
night terrors, severe nightmares and
sleeplessness.  As we were talking I noticed
a Shadow ghost standing behind her.  She
had heard of my abilities already so I told her
about the Shadow ghost that was with her.  I
called down my Angel John who grabbed the
ghost and took him away to The Other Side
holding area.  Since then the client has told
me that she does not have anymore
nightmares, no more night terror's and is
sleeping much better.
               MORENO VALLEY

I was contacted by a family in Moreno Valley advising me of severe poltergeist activity going on in their home.  The
told me that picture frames were flying across the rooms, banging on windows and walls at all times of the day or
night, their 10 year old Son would be stopped in his tracks by a ghost and he couldn't move.  He was also being
pulled off of his bed at night and pulled off of the couch during the day.  The Dad told me that when he was on the
computer a growling voice came through the computer speakers telling him to 'GET OUT!'  When I called them to
find out what was going on, the wife told me that a bible had just flew across the room.  They were so terrified
they spent the night at a relatives home.  But as I've always said the Shadow ghost know of me and my skills at
removing them so they quieted down for a few days.  Sunday night the client called me and said that it was quiet
now and not to come over.  Monday morning came and I got a frantic phone call from the client telling me to come
over right away.  Apparently the ghosts had returned.  The wife and Son were walking to the garage to go some
where when the boy was stopped by and unseen force and pulled back into the house.  The Mom grabbed him
and both of them went running to get into the car to escape when a large piece of wood flew in front of the Mom
trying to trip her.  They did leave but came back and waited for me.  

Upon my arrival I was met by a large Shadow ghost in the front yard who I didn't hesitate on and had John remove
him ( John is my Arch-Angel who has been with me since the beginning of my abilities.  He removes the ghosts
by giving them a bear hug and crosses them over).  I me the wife and Son who showed me a bite mark on his
forearm, caused by a ghost irritating his dog until it bit him.  Over the course of looking through the house I came
across many Shadow ghosts.  Some small and large in size.  But what I discovered amazed me and gave me
confirmation on what I was seeing in the home.  The boy was also psychic and could see all of the ghosts that I
was seeing!  He even described the small little gremlin types of Shadow ghosts that had long fingers and long
finger-nails, that I to was seeing.  So we both went through the house three separate times and I would let him
find the ghosts first and then I would confirm it and have John remove them.  We found ghosts in bedroom,
hallways, closets, living room, bathrooms and even the garage and backyard.  In the garage was the strangest
scene that I have ever witnessed.  Not only were there very large and old Shadow ghosts, there were small
groups of ghosts huddled together.  I kept getting that they had died in some sort of fire.  But I called upon John to
bring down help and he did.  We saw an Angel come down for everyone of those ghosts and one by one they
were whisked away.  After two hours we were finally done.  We counted 46 ghosts we had removed.  I was tired
but the home was finally cleared out.

Later on I did some research of the area.  My spirit guide Thomas advised me that the house was built on top of a
sacred Indian burial ground.  The Luiseno and Shoshone Indian tribes.  I felt that when the Spaniards cam to
them in 1620 they wanted the land.  But the Indians said no so the Spaniards killed a lot of them.  Then the
Mexicans came around later and gave the Indians small pox which also resulted in a lot of dead Indians in the
area.  Due to the Indians burial ceremonies, this resulted in the energy of the area to build up and also cause
several imprints in the area.  After all of those ghosts I got rid of I ended up with no pics of them and no pics of
them on my digital camcorder.  I guess they really know how to hide!            

I was asked to come along to assist in an investigation and remove Shadow ghosts from a
haunted theater that had been causing some havoc among the performers and workers.  As we
went around the main theater, there were numerous ghosts, good and bad all around.  One team
member brought a EMF reader and every few feet the needle would reach the highest level.  I
found a large and older Shadow ghost by an exit door threatening me and wanting me to leave.  
The EMF reader was brought forward and the needle read a high amount of energy.  As the
detector was still reading the Shadow ghost energy, I had my Angel, John, grab the ghost and take
him away to the holding area.  At that moment the detector needle suddenly read zero energy.  We
didn't just do this once but several times with different Shadow ghosts.  This proved to me that
what the Angels and myself are doing to remove ghosts is truly working.  At one point when we
were on stage we found a small boy ghost among us.  Just then the heavy curtains and a sand
bag hanging from a rope started swinging on its own.  There were no air drafts anywhere.  We
then went upstairs and found more Shadow ghosts.  In one room was a huge Shadow ghost that
was a soldier from WWII.  He started to attack me by trying to make me have an Asthma attack and
giving me a pressure like feeling in my chest.  We immediately got rid of him and the room felt

As you can see the top two pics show lots of orbs.  The bottom pic on the far right is a ghost
professor who was lecturing when we walked in.  He became irritated with us because we were
disturbing his lecture and asked us to sit down.  This theater cleaning took me two hours and
resulted in 75 ghosts removed.  I hope the theater is alot quieter and peaceful.       

I received an e-mail form a family that was experiences severe paranormal activity.  Here is a
short paragraph from the e-mail;


I responded to their home and after an hour and 15 minutes my Angels and I had cleared out 180
ghosts.  Later the Father told me that the house felt lighter and the rooms didnt feel heavy
We went back to the theater and I brought a
new friend along who is sensative to seeing
ghosts.  While we were on the stage talking,
a ghost reached out and scrached her.  You
can see 3 scratches on her here.
This is a pic that a client took of his hallway.  I
went over and cleaned out the house of
ghosts, one being a teenager with an anger
problem.  They had just bought a metal box
to store stuff in for the kitchen when they were
in another room they heard a loud BANG.  
The went into the kitchen and found the box's
metal lid had been caved in.  My Angels
crossed him over and the family has had no
other problems.  On the top of the pic you can
see a purple glow.  It is of an Angel that was
in his house before I showed up.
This is an e-mail I received from a new friend who had already found a new place to
move to and was packed and ready to move out.

When I first moved into my apartment on the 1st of February, I thought everything was great. My
friend Janice, who helped me move in, slept upstairs in my loft on the first night. The next morning,
she asked me why I was walking up and down the stairs. I told her that I was in the bed sleeping and
wasn't out in the living room. She then told me that while she was asleep up in the loft, she heard
someone walk up and down the stairs and stop at the landing. She then heard someone walk back
down the stairs and bumped into the coffee table in the living room.

At that time she thought it was me, but like I said, I was asleep.  When she looked over the top of the
stairs, she didn't see anyone there. After that, she laid down and tried not to move because she was
scared to death. She heard the footsteps come back up to the top of the stairs, and then she heard
someone call her name. She said it was a female voice, it wasn't in my voice.

The rest the day I noticed that my dog, Dewey,(my chihuahua) would not go up into the loft, and he
would not go out on the balcony. He would start whining and shaking uncontrollably and jump into
my lap, or hide under the bed.

Then I noticed, that he was looking at someone over my shoulder while we were sitting on the
couch, and playing with someone, on and around it. He really started freaking me out, because he
would look over my shoulder, start trembling, and then look at me as if to say, "you see this right?"

The following day was Saturday. I got up and made a cup of coffee, and sat down on the couch to
have a conference call with my family. While talking with my mom  sister and brother, I heard a loud
clack coming from the area of my front door. Dewey and I both looked at the front door. That's when
I saw the deadbolt on my front door had unlocked.  My mom and sister told me to get some sage, but
that didn't work.

The next day, Sunday, I got up to go to work and heard knocking on my walls. It was about 4:00 AM
so I was a little freaked out. Dewey kept watching something walk back and forth in the bedroom and
then he would look at me with "that look". I turned out all the lights and left for work. When I got
home from work, all of the lights in the house were on, and my front door was unlocked. I went to the
Leasing office to see if anyone had been in my apartment. They assured me, nobody had been in

Monday morning, I got up for work as usual, but this time I heard walking up and down the stairs and
banging on my wall. I tried to ignore it as I got ready. When I left for work, and shut off the lights, and
when I got home from work, all the lights were on and the front door was unlocked. Dewey still
played with whatever was by the couch.

Tuesday and Wednesday night were pretty quiet, except Dewey was very anxious and visibly scared.
Whenever I went upstairs, I could feel the energy I was walking through. It was thick, and it caused a
slight pressure and buzzing in my ears, and there was a light tickling feeling along my scalp.

That Friday night when I was sleeping in my bed, I felt something banging on my mattress, from
under my bed. It woke me up, and I looked to see if it was maybe Dewey. He was sound asleep, so I
lay there looking at the ceiling for a few minutes and then said, don't do that. Right after I said don't
do that, it happened again, but this time a little harder. I eventually went back to sleep, and the next
day started looking for someone to clean out my house.

Sunday night when I got home from work, I was sitting on the couch watching Dewey play with, what
I later found to be, the ghost of a little boy. All of a sudden, the lights upstairs went on. I got up to
turn them off, and they turned back on.  I got up to turn them off again, and yelled, "Knock it off!"  
They didn't come back on.

Monday morning, I turned off all the lights prior to leaving for work. When I pulled out of my
driveway, and turned the corner, I looked up in my unit, and saw that all the lights were back on. All I
could think about, was my poor dog was still up there. When I got to work, I spoke with a priest who
gave me some holy water to take home. When I got home, I sprinkled the holy water all over
everything. Dewey started showing his teeth and barking at me, so I sprinkled him too. He calmed
down after that.  As I walked upstairs to the loft, I could feel the energy. It was really thick. The
buzzing in my ears was so intense, and the tingling on my scalp almost felt like pulling.  It was
almost as if something or someone was telling me to stay back, or get out.

By this time, I had already talked to the property managers and told them that I wanted another unit.
Either that or I was moving out, and I would just take a hit on the lease. During all of this stuff going
on in my apartment, I was actively looking for another place to live.  It hadn't even been two weeks,
and I was dreading going home each and every day. If it wasn't for my dog being there, I probably
wouldn't have. I was also looking for and reaching out to people who call themselves ghost hunters
or psychics.

I finally found Paul from PGR Paranormal (, Monday evening. On Tuesday
everything seemed to calm down for a little bit, so that gave me some time to sit down and check
out his website. I decided to give him a call, and we set up an appointment for that Friday.

By Wednesday it had started up again. I got home from work and the lights were on and the front
door was unlocked. This time there was a heaviness in the air that I can't really describe. I tried to
ignore it, because I could see that Dewey was visibly terrified. I guess I figured if I stayed calm, then
he would stay calm. That logic was obviously going on in my head only, because Dewey was having
no part of it. Anyway, that night, I was sitting on the couch watching TV, when I started hearing
banging on the walls. Weird thing was, I couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from.  It was just
really loud.  I finally turned off the TV, and Dewey and I went into my bedroom.  We were on the bed
playing with his ball, when I heard a couple of loud bangs on the wall across from my bed.  Dewey
and I both looked at the wall, then at each other.  As he was backing up, trying to get behind me, it
was just dawning on me that wall was attached to my living room.  I sent Paul a text, and told him
what was going on, packed a bag, got Dewey, and left.  (Apparently she went and stayed at either a
friends house or a hotel)

Friday afternoon, I met Paul at my apartment. Once he began to explain how he uses Carrion
Angels to get rid of spirits, all I could think of  was, "Ah jeez, I just let another Craigslist killer into my
house!"  Boy, was I wrong!!  I didn't give him any details about what was going on. He identified two
dark entities. One at the of the stairs, and other one was on the balcony.  He also told me that there
was a little boy behind my couch. That explained a lot. He also said that there were several other
ghosts occupying my space. He got rid of all of them. At first I didn't believe it, you know..that
Craigslist thing was still in the back of my head.

When I woke up Saturday, I could tell things were different.  Instead of packing to move, I started
unpacking.  The heaviness was gone and the room seemed so much brighter. Dewey could walk
from one end of the room to the other, without looking like he needed medication. It was awesome!

There have been a few times where I've had to contact Paul again, but it turns out, the source of
activity was coming from another apartment. I actually got pictures of orbs..thanks to my ghost
hunting chihuahua.  Wherever he looked, I took a picture.  Now I'm getting used to feeling their
energy.  Once I do, I just send Paul a text, and he sends his angels.

Thank you Paul, you and your wife are a true blessing.

Shelley L.

Investigaotr's note-I did respond to the condominium and removed several Shadow
ghosts.  They were in the hallway waiting for me when I started cleaning them out.  
Afterwards, the condo felt lighter and peaceful.  She decided not to move
This is a pic of a friend of mine who was
experiencing closing of doors, loud noises and
certain rooms they didn't like going into.  They
could feel the negativity and would stay out of the
rooms.  He contacted me on a Monday and I was
scheduled to come over on Friday.  He called to
cancel, but on the following Tuesday he sent me
this pic.  He said that on Sunday morning he
woke up with these scratches on his right side.  
Problem is he sleeps on his right side and
doesn't move at all during the night. So how did
the scratches occur?  The other thing was this pic
is 2 days old and the scratches still haven't gone
away.  I went to the house and was confronted by
8 large Shadow ghosts, which my Angels
promptly took away.  The house is quieter now.   
My friend who had contacted me about 2 years ago and had been scratched at that time
(see pic on the left) re-contacted me because he was having poltergeist trouble.  Him and
his wife woke up one morning and found their couch upside down (first pic).  Then they
discovered a drinking glass sitting on a saucer, with the top of the glass broken off, in their
kitchen (second pic).  Only problem was they dont use the glassware, they use paper cups.  
The drinking glasses were all in the cupboards.  The next day he woke up with large
scratches on his back (third and fourth pic).  The following day he woke up in the morning
and found what looked like an ink mark across his face (pic to the right).  I took my Angels
ands went over to his house.  We found a Vortex just outside his front door.  It was not very
big and after 2 weeks it dissipated.  His house was full of Shadow ghosts.  So we went to
work and cleaned it out.  The house is much calmer, peacefull and no more poltergeist
This pic came from a very good friend of
mine who is also a Medium.  She woke up
one morning to find these scratches on her
back.  I had been there before, so I told my
Angels to go back over and clean it out.  She
has not reported any problems since.  
The Mother of an 11 year-old-girl who didn't know what to do with her
daughter who had been acting strange, suddenly getting stiff all over,
speaking in different tongues and not remembering any of it.  She
asked a friend of hers if she knew of anybody who could help.  Her
friend, who is also friend's with me, who knew about me and my
abilities.  But they first decided to get a Taro card reading.  When they
were there, the reader pulled the first card which showed an Angel.  
She looked at my friend and said, "This is an Angel.  And the person you
need to help you is the person who deals with Angels.  And you know
who it is."    I was contacted immediately.  My friend had a recording
the Mother had recorded at 4am of her daughter who suddenly sat up
in bed, her hands curling in almost like a fist with her thumbs facing
inward, then spoke in an unknown language.  She then laid back down
into a deep sleep.   The next day the daughter remembered nothing.  I
first went over to my friends house and the possessed little girl was
there.  I immediately focused in on a very large Shadow ghost attached
to her back.  He was big, about six feet tall.  I did not hesitate and
dispatched my newest Carrion Angel, Doc, to remove it from her.  He
did so without any trouble.  We then went to her house.  When I first
walked up, there was a Shadow ghost in front of the front door.  This
was an apartment building that stretched west about 1,000 feet.  I saw
Shadow ghosts lining up along a wall, going west.  I walked down the
walkway, removing the ghosts as I went.  I removed 17 ghosts until I
came to the end where there was a grassy area.  This area had a
strong energy, so I approached it slowly.  As the energy formed I
realized it was a Vortex.  Not good.  I returned and gave the Mom the
bad news.  Vortex's are cylinders of energy embedded into the Earth.  
The ghosts and spirits use them to transport anywhere and you can
never remove them.   Inside the house I found many large and small
ghosts.  My Angels and I removed them all.  Especially the one in the
shower that according to her, when she would tell the ghost to get out
of the shower, it would throw the shampoo bottle at her.  He is gone
now.  The house is more at peace and comfortable since we removed
all of the ghosts.  Below is the recording of the girl at 4am, speaking:
Ghost Removals