On September 1, 2005, I was informed by my spirit guide that I would have the ability to assist people in
healing their medical problem with just the touch of my hand's.  This, of course came to me as a big
surprise, for my spirit guides have been telling me since the beginning of the year that something
wonderful was going to happen to me in September, 2005.  I never thought it would be the ability to
heal.  I have also inherited nine spirit Doctor's, whom are from all different types of medical
backgrounds.  Being the skeptic that I am (and with this new ability you must agree with me that this is a
bit of a stretch for any psychic), I tucked the information into the back of my mind telling Thomas (my
spirit guide) that we would talk later.  I went and picked up my car pool friend and went to work.  Funny
how things will present themselves to me, for my friend had a severe lower back pain.  I have done
readings for her and so at work I announced to her that I have this new ability to heal people and can I
try it on her.  She said yes and Thomas gave me instructions on how to do it.  I placed my hands on her
lower back on the affected area and prayed for the healing.  I felt my hands get hot and could feel
energy coming from my six new spirit Doctors into my friend, until my spirit guide said to stop.  Three
hours later she advised me that the whole area got very warm.  Within six hours the pain was totally
gone and her back had relaxed considerably.  This would be my first healing.  The following are
accounts of more healings that I have performed.  Of course over time, I have gotten considerably more
The following stories are of healing's that I have currently
done.  If you have a medical problem that you would like me
to do a healing for, please e-mail or call me first (see contact
us page) and I will do a personal consultation with you about
your specific problem.  Please note that I am NOT a Doctor or
medical professional.  I also do Chakra cleansing as well as
energy healings
I performed a healing on a 43 year old female complaining of severe pain
above her left scapula radiating up the left side of her neck.  When she
turned her head to the left she would receive a severe burning pain.  This
had been occurring for 2 years.

Result: After just one healing, the upper back and neck pain was gone and
she could turn her head to the left with no burning pain either.  Neither
problem has returned after 2 years.
I perfomed a healing on a 40 year old female complaining of a sharp pain
in-between her shoulder blades, accomapnied by a large muscle knot.  The
pain radiated to her chest wall and had been going on for 1 week.

Result: After the healing the next day the sharp pain was gone and in 2 days
the muscle knot had dissappeared.  They have not returned.
I performed a healing on a 38 year old female complaining of an upper right
back and shoulder pain.  This had been continuous for several years.

Result: After the healing the pain was gone in 2 days and mobility in her
shoulder was better.

A short time later, she developed a cold sore.  I did a healing on it and
within 3 days it was pretty much gone.
I did a healings on a 48 year old female complaining of upper back spasm
and pain.  This was a chronic condition that also affected the neck area.  

Result: After the healings the back and neck pain was gone.  She
re-injured it but after another healing the problem went away.
I performed 3 seperate healings on a 28 year old female who had injured
her right shoulder/joint area after a sports injury.  She had tried everything
to heal the injury but nothing worked.  The injury was many years old and
she had resolved herself to the fact that it would be there forever.  She also
had trouble sleeping.

Result: After 3 seperate healings, the pain is minor and intermitent, but
she has told me it is much better that it ever was.  Also, after the first
healing, she slept 8 hours straight without waking up.
When I first started to do a healing, my hands would get very hot.  One day I
was talking to a friend about my new ability and I touched her arm and said
"See how hot my hands are!"  I left my hand on her for about 3 minutes.  
Later she advised me that a Sciatica pain that she has had off and on for
years, and that would cause her such pain that she had pain when
walking, was now completely gone!  Some time later, I also did a healing
on her right knee, which had been injured over a year ago.  She even had
trouble walking up steps because it gave her so much trouble.

Result: Her knee is now completely healed and can walk up and down
stairs with no problem.
Recently I did a healing on a 22 year old male who had a football injury in
his right knee.  He had been dealing with the pain for a couple of years.

Result: After the healing the swelling and pain is gone.  
On another occasion with another friend, I touched her arm to show her
how hot my hands were getting for about 3 minutes.  10 minutes later she
told me that just 2 days ago she had worked out her legs and that they
were SO sore that she had trouble sitting down.  She advised me that the
pain and stiffness was gone just after 10 minutes!
Performed a healing on my Mother.  She had complaint of pain on her
upper back and trouble sleeping.  She also had pain in her right wrist
after an injury.  She would only sleep for 3 or 4 hours a night.

Result: The back and wrist pain is gone and she now sleeps much
I noticed that during a healing session, most of the people I sensed had
trouble sleeping.  I extended the healing to include sleeping better.  I have
had excellent results for they all have told me that they have better or slept
all night as a result of the healing.  
I performed 2 separate healings on a very good friend of mine.  He is a
40 year old male with moderate pain in both wrists.  One wrist had an
old surgery and the other had just started hurting the week before for
an unknown reason.  I observed his wrists and determined that he had
inflamed muscle, tendons, and ligaments.  

Result: After 2 sessions he is experiencing no pain in his wrists at all
for a couple of months.

UPDATE:  He has always had trouble with his lungs.  Specifically, when
he caught a cold it would immediately turn into Bronchitis settling in his
lungs and putting him off work for a minimum of 2 weeks.  He just
advised me that he caught another cold but he got well in 2 days!  We
deduced that the healings I performed on him also healed his immune
system, resulting in a shorter illness time.
I performed a healing on Sunday on a 28 year old female who is 6
months pregnant.  She had been suffering from a very bad cold for 12
days.  She had congestion in her sinus's, chest, a hacking cough and
fever.  Obviously she couldn't take any medicine because of the
pregnancy.  When I observed her inner physical condition I could see that
her immune system was not working to its full capacity.  So I did a
healing on her immune system, white blood cells and anti-bodies.  

Result: on Monday she felt better but was still weak.  On Tuesday she
was 100% better up and going to work.      
I performed a healing on a 62 year old woman who was very ill with
Bronchitis.  She had a habit of getting Bronchitis, which would lead to
pneumonia.  Her lungs were fully congested.

Result: 2 days later she was completely healed and was going out
I did a healing on a 40 year old female.  In the middle of January she
had gum surgery, which was splitting the gums, doing the dental work
on the roots and then sewing the gums up.  A week after the surgery
she was in obvious pain and I suggested a healing.  She said no
thanks, and would be better in a few days, just taking her pain
medications.  3 weeks later she was still in a lot of pain and I again
suggested a healing.  At this point in time she said, "I'll try anything to
get rid of the pain.  I am sick of it."  I performed a healing on her jaw.

Result:  24 hours later her pain was completely gone and she was
I performed a healing on a 30 year old female who has had Insulin
dependant diabetes for 3 years.  Her insulin/sugar levels would
roller-coaster every week causing her to miss work and have to visit the
doctor a couple of times a month.  This healing I did in 2 sessions.

Result: She went to her doctor 2 weeks ago (after the healings) and the
doctor told her he couldn't understand why she was on insulin because
her levels were good.  He said wait 2 weeks and see what happens.
2 weeks later his tests revealed that she longer had to be insulin
dependant but would have to take a pill only.  She told me that she has
more energy now than before.
I performed 2 healings on a 28 year old male for his lower back
problem.  He has been in pain for a couple of years with bulging discs.

Result: As I started the healing process he told me he felt his slipped
disk 'pop' back in and after 10 minutes felt much better without any
pain.  After the second healing he says that he feels a lot better with
no pain.
I attended a family function on Easter Sunday.  One of the relatives had
a 2 year old toy poodle who she said had not eaten for 2 days and she
was worried.  I held the dog and ran healing energy through him
sensing something wrong with it's stomach.  I did a healing and as
soon as I was done the dog was wining to be fed.  The owner had a
small plate of roast beef which she handed me.  The dog gobbled it up.  
The owner had a look of surprise on her face as her dog ate quite
On May 4, 2006, I was a guest on the internet/radio show ASPR
radio.  I advised the host Heather that she had been sick and had a
headache and congestion.  She said yes so I did a remote healing.

Result: An hour and a half into the show she said her headache was
almost gone.  Her headaches would always become a migraine
headache.  She usually takes medicine for it, but she didn't have to
this time.
Last year a friend of mine was diagnosed with Lymph Node Cancer.  
She spent several months on chemo/radiation therapy.  Because of the
radiation, her immune and hormonal systems were extremely below
normal levels.  She was listless, tired and had no appetite.  She was
also on hormone replacement therapy and would be for one year
because the radiation made her hormone glands stop working.  I
performed one healing on her.  Two days later she told me she was SO
hungry that she was eating everything in sight.  She also had a lot of
energy.  One week later she had her blood tests.  They showed that her
hormone levels had returned to normal and within a week she was off
of them.    
A Father from South Carolina called me and asked if I could do
remote healings on his daughter, who is Autistic.  She would only
parrot back what words she heard, social skills were almost
non-existent, she would cry a lot and not sleep well.  I did a total of
3 remote healings.

Result: She has much better social skills at home and at school,
she sleeps better, has stopped crying and will say words and short
sentences on her own without parroting.
I recently did a healing on a 48 year-old male.  His chief complaint was
increased pressure in his head due to an increase in his spinal fluid.  
The pockets of fluid were filled up.  He had also experienced 3
separate head injuries during his life that had an effect on his thinking
process and he experienced headaches.

Result: After one healing the pressure was gone in his head.  A couple
of days later his thinking was clearer.  After the second healing his
mind felt much clearer like he had stepped out of a fog.  His headaches
were also gone.
I did a healing on a 45 year-old female, complaining of sudden
pain in her left middle back.  Performed a healing, she took a nap
and awoke with no pain.  Has had no trouble since.