Whaley house - There is one
orb on the bannister, one on
the left and one on top.
Whaley house Theater - There
are 2 orbs on the right curtain
and one orb in the ceiling.
Whaley House court room - Large orb
upper left in the ceiling.
Casa De Estudillo, San Diego - There
is one large orb on the dresser.
Casa De Estudillo, San Diego - Small
orb on the bedside table.
More Pictures
This is King Richards Antique warehouse in Whittier.  The
building is actually three warehouses connected together.  It
was built in 1903 in the middle of orchards and was originally a
fruit packing warehouse.  The warehouse was self sufficient in
making its own wooden boxes to move the fruit, the fruit was
separated for packaging and finally the fruit was packaged and
shipped out.  Of course, as with any industry that has a lot of
machines, accidents did happen.  This was very active place.  
The pictures below are only a fraction of the ghosts that are
This is where I met Eddie.  A 8 or 9
year old boy that from what I could
gather from him, died in a conveyor
belt accident.  When I told the owner
that there was a little boy spirit here he
told me that he has had reports from
customers stating that they had heard
children playing in the warehouse but
didn't see any children around.  His
orb is on the red trash container.  At
this time I heard a piano playing from
the upper floor.  It sounded like a
1920's style of piano.  The other four
people with me heard it to.  We were
the only ones in the warehouse as this
was after hours and the doors were
locked.  The owner did say that there
was a piano near the front door.      
This is the ground floor where the
fruit packing was done.  I met two
spirits, James and Jim.  James
orb is right of my feet.  James
was the packing foreman and
had a lung problem.  He showed
me himself turning blue and
choking to death.  I felt it was
from asthma. Notice that James
orb is red in color.  I have never
seen an orb that was red.

Jim did not show himself in any
picture, but suddenly I had a pain
in my left chest and saw a picture
of a Colt 45 pistol.  James told me
Jim died in a drunken brawl at a
bar.  He was shot and killed.  
This is the area where the huge tree
logs would come in and the workers
would make boxes out of the wood.  
This is where I met Dave, the foreman.  
He was a large man and he is a very
aggressive ghost.  He challenged me
but I did not back down.  The owner
told me that anybody who would set up
their antique wares here would up and
leave in a day, stating that they felt like
they were being watched and felt that
someone was constantly behind them.  
They would also hear knocking on the
walls.  We also heard knocking on the
walls, as well as doors closing.  In this
part of the warehouse there aren't any
doors.  His orb is quite large and on
the upper portion in the rafters.  I did
assist him to the other side.  We shall
see if things get better since he left.  
I recently visited New York City where
my Son took me on a grand tour.  The
City was massive but interesting.  Little
did I know I would find ghosts in Grand
Central station, as seen in the two
pictures below.
 My wife and I went on a ghost investigation at
the original Workman house in the City of Walnut.  She
took the picture you see here.  According to my spirit
guide Thomas and my friend Peter James, the bright
rectangular light you see on the left is a portal window.  
It is a window to The Other Side.  If you blow up the
picture you can see many small faces in it.  Notice how it
is shaped like a window with a narrow separation in the
middle of it. Peter told me that you can see into the
other dimension but the spirits in it cannot cross through
it into ours.  This portal is very rare and does not last
long.  My wife was fortunate to capture it in this
picture.  In this area there were no light standards or any
type of artificial light of any kind.  But I did sense an
Indian encampment that existed a long time ago.  You
can see the porch light to the old Workman place, as
well as many orbs.
                      MADRID, SPAIN

We arrived August 6, 2010 and checked into the Westin Palace Hotel
without any problems. This is where our experiences begin.  We checked
into the hotel around 1:00 PM.  Two magnetic card keys were issued to
us. The building was built in 1910. As soon as we checked in, I
immediately changed out my clothes for running clothes. Before I left the
hotel room, I told Regina (the young lady that joined me for vacation) to
secure the hotel room with the latch so insure nobody would come in. I
took one card key and she kept the other as the card is needed to
provide electricity and air conditioning to the room.  She was going to
take a nap while I went on my run.  I told her I would call her from the
lobby and advise here that I was coming up. I left for the run. An hour
later, I came back to the hotel and called Regina (hotel room) from the
lobby but got no answer. I went upstairs and knocked on the door and no
answer. I made six different attempts of knocking and calling without any
luck.  I waited downstairs for an hour and tried again.  Finally, she
answered the door.  I have never known anybody to sleep so deep.

I took a shower and I myself was getting into bed for a nap until she told
me something that struck my interest.  She told me that after I left for my
run she took a shower. As she was drying herself up with a towel in the
bathroom in front of the mirror a man appeared to her directly behind her
from the reflection of the mirror.  She described the man as being an
older man in his 50-60s, white shirt, with black suspenders.  The man
appeared to be from a different time period.  We had taken pictures in
the living room before I went for my run.  So I went and retrieved the
camera and saw an orb.  I am wondering if this is the same man she saw
in the mirror.  She tried to scream but nothing came out of her mouth.  I
have my suspicion that this man (ghost) made her fall in a deep sleep.  
Being scared she told me that she went to sleep as fast as she could.  
She swore she didn’t hear me pounding on the door or the phone calls.  I
took my nap as well without feeling anything out of the ordinary.  The next
day we woke up and I found my chest with a slight purple color on my
chest.  I didn’t think much of it because we were wrestling around.  Later
in the day I noticed that the color had moved to most of my chest.  I have
VERY thick skin and it takes an act of God to get me bruised.  Was it the
man (ghost) who did this? Why? Was I being attacked

Later during the evening we went to sleep for the night.  We slept well.  
We had a late checkout time of 4:00 PM.  Around 11:00 AM, I dialed “9”
from the hotel room phone in the living room to obtain the front desk. I
requested ice and it was brought up. A few hours later 4:00 PM came
around and we had to check out.  I picked up the phone in the bedroom
and dialed “9” again. I wanted the porters to picked up our suitcases.  I
heard a dial tone, dialed 9 and only heard the dial tone.  I tried 0 and only
heard the dial tone.  I went to the living room phone were I knew the
phone would work.  I tried the same steps as described above.  Nothing.  I
was getting pissed.  I went back to the bedroom and tried again and was
unsuccessful. I made some comment about what if it was the ghost? At
that minute the lamp that was on the nightstand turned on by itself.
Regina said that I did it.  I immediately said look at my hands. I had to
reach over between the nightstand and wall, physically PULL the
electrical cord and manually turn it on.  The switched had a loud click.  I
told her that it is impossible for me to do this without you seeing. At that
instant a cool breeze went through the room and the hairs on our arms
rose up. I knew it had to be the ghost. Like two days later my chest was
now yellow/green.  I also notice my right shoulder arm also had a
yellow/green tint like a bruise.  Regina at that instant asked me where I
had gotten the pretty black bruise on the back of my leg. I looked and
could not believe the size and color of it. The whole idea was pretty weird.

When we checked out of the hotel we asked the front desk clerk if there
had been any activity in that room. She said no. She did share with us
that the building use to be an infirmary for the Spanish soldiers during the
30-40’s that were injured.  See pics below.
Outside of the hotel you can
see many large orbs.
This s the story of how i assisted in finding these cat lovers cat:

Our 3yr. old cat, Tahoe, came home for lunch on a Sunday afternoon, ate then went back outside
and climbed over our back wall as she usually does. That Sunday night I called her to come
inside for the night, and Tahoe didn't show up.  Monday morning/afternoon after calling her
repeatedly she still hadn't come home which was very unusual.  

Monday after work my husband, Dan & I went up & down our street, the street behind us, and the
street behind that one, calling for Tahoe. We walked up to garage doors, if we were able to, and
called her name, in case she might of gotten stuck in a garage.  We knocked on doors and
showed pictures of what Tahoe looked like. No one had seen her.

Tuesday & Wednesday we did the same thing, but by now our anxiety level was very high.
Wednesday evening, after still no Tahoe, we called Paul & told him our story.  We gave him a
description of Tahoe, hoping he could give us some insight on our missing kitty cat.

Thursday mid-morning, Paul called and spoke to Dan saying he was awoken at 3:00 a.m. and
had a very clear vision of a pop-up trailer in front of a garage and that Tahoe was still alive but
she was trapped. Dan called me at work with Paul's news which gave us hope we would find our
Tahoe. When I got home from work Dan & I set out again covering the same streets we had been
covering since Monday.

We were walking on the street behind us, 9 houses north of our house when we see a pop-up
trailer in front of it's garage! (
See pic on the right. They took this when they first found it)  
We went up to the house and knocked on the door.  The owner answered, and I told him we lived
on the next block over and showed him a picture of Tahoe and that she was missing and could we
please go into his backyard and look around his trailer. He was ever so gracious even going into
his house to get us a flashlight, by this time it was dark.  He let us look around the trailer, his
backyard, and even opening up his garage door, but sadly no Tahoe! Our hearts sank.

Dan & I were standing with the homeowner in front of the pop-up getting ready to leave &
thanking him for being so kind when Dan said, "let me go behind the garage one more time".
While I was standing with the homeowner I said "did u hear that"?  He said, "I didn't hear
anything". I yelled to Dan "did u hear something"? Dan started calling Tahoe.  He called Tahoe
even louder when all of a sudden Dan yells, "Nance she's over in the backyard on the next street!

Tahoe heard us calling her & was meowing in panic mode! Tahoe had been caught in an animal
trap for 5 days! Dan went over to the next block and rescued our Tahoe from that backyard trap.
The pop-up trailer and garage were in direct view of where Tahoe was trapped. Without Paul's
vision, help from John the Angel, and of course God we NEVER would have found Tahoe! I know
it sounds unbelievable, but it's true. I even have our new friend with the pop-up to back up the
story. We are forever grateful to God, Paul, and John the Angel for leading us to our Tahoe.
Nancy & Daniel
Alhambra, CA

When I do readings for families who have lost loved ones, they always ask me, “Are they
together in Heaven.”  This is a very good question, but as I always tell people I do not
know what the spirits doing in Heaven.  Do they still see each other?  Probably.  Are they
doing what they couldn’t do when they were here on Earth?  Probably.  A good friend of
mine just lost her Son and his fiancé in a motorcycle accident.  The following story is true
and as you will see, love does cross the boundary between this Earthly plane and Heaven.

Sam (not his real name) and his fiancé were traveling on his motorcycle down a street
they had traveled before.  They were engaged to be married but hadn’t set a date.  They
were cruising along when a car suddenly pulled in front of them.  He swerved to the left
but clipped the rear bumper, which caused the motorcycle and the both of them to fly
through the air and land hard on the asphalt.  They were both severely injured and were
rushed to the hospital, where they both died.  My friend, their Mother, had been already
called and when she got there they had just passed away.  While she was holding her
Son’s hand for the last time she noticed something on his left wrist.  Two hearts.  One big
and one small, representing her Son and his fiancé (See pics to the right).  She told me
later their favorite holiday was Valentine’s Day and their favorite color was red.  At that
moment of their passing, they were telling their parents that they had crossed over and
were fine by imprinting the two hearts on his wrist.  She was so impressed with this, she
got a tattoo of the hearts on her own wrist.

Eight months later, his Father got up one morning and noticed several small red hearts
on his right wrist.  He thought maybe his watch had made the imprints, put when he put on
his watch the hearts were below the watch.  Once again his Son was reaching out to let
his parents know his was fine.  Does love cross all boundaries?  I truly believe so after
hearing this story and seeing the pictures.  
This is the Mother holding her Son's
hand after he passed away.  You can
see the two hearts on the upper right
side of his wrist.  
This is two pics of the Father's wrist.  
You can see several small red hearts.