Paranormal Investigations / Psychic Readings

About Us
Currently I am doing paranormal investigations
involving areas where paranormal activity has  
either been reported or suspected.  I have
investigated a haunted hospital, a haunted
mission, the Queen Mary, several residences
and have also assisted several people in
contacting their loved ones or clearing out ghosts
My mission is to:

To assist others in contacting their loved ones or
acquaintances on the Other Side and to educate
others that the Other Side does exist.

Investigate reports of ghostly haunts or sightings.

Ghost removals.  (See explaination to the right)

Connect and communicate with relatives or loved
ones that have crossed over.

Dream Interpretation.

Advise you who your spirit guide is.

Advise you of your past lives.

Psychic reading parties (Please, group of six or less)

I am a resident of Los Angeles County and would be
willing to travel any where in Southern California or
out of state to assist you with your paranormal
needs.  Please see the
contact page on how to
contact me.   
Queen Mary Infirmary.  You can
see one orb on the floor.
Queen Mary First class swimming
pool area.  1 orb right side and 1 orb
in the middle.

I am frequently asked what exactly is an "orb". For those
unfamiliar with the term, an "orb" as it relates to the study of
ghostly phenomena, is a photographic anomaly that on
occasion, shows up in photographs.  These "orbs" or globes or
globules are usually round in appearance, having a halo in the
center of it.  Some of these "orbs" appear in various degrees of
brightness, while others may appear in photos as transparent or
translucent, while others appear milky or very bright.
Most paranormalists and/or psychic's agree that "orbs"
represent a form of spiritual energy (the human soul or "life
force" that once inhabited a physical body) that manifests in the
form of "orbs" or small globes that one occasionally sees in
photographs or video.
This is an old house, built in 1919.  It
was demolished this year.  When I
would drive by it, I always had a strong
energy feeling from it.  Especially from
this side of the house.  As you can see
the orb here is very large.  There are
also several smaller orbs in the tree.  
This house has since been torn down
but when I go by it I still feel this orbs
energy in this very spot.
They were having an estate sale and I
went walking around taking pictures
inside the house.  This is the kitchen
where you can see several small orbs
in the ceiling and on the dishwasher
and one on the door.  The rest of the
house was devoid of any spirit activity
except the kitchen.
A little history about myself

When I was a child I could sense spirits around me.  My Mother, who is
also sensitive, told me this one day when I told her that It felt like
someone was either standing behind me or following me to school.  But
this was pretty much the extent of my psychic abilities until 1995 when I
started hearing a voice in my head that wasn't mine.  This was Thomas
my spirit guide.  An old friend who was a sensitive told me about him.

On June 5th, 2003, I had triple bypass surgery.  I was put under for 4 1/2
hours.  I experienced no dreams, no visits by Angels or relatives and no
out of body experience.  My spirit guide, Thomas told me if I had I would
have crossed over.  About 8 months later I had a psychic 'awakening'.  In
my house as I was taking laundry out of the hamper when I suddenly saw
a bright dot of light.  (Like a welders spark.)  The light went from my left
to my right in a wavy line, stopped, got bigger and disappeared.  A very
large presence, who was an Angel, who I now call John, came to me and
told me that my psychic abilities had been given to me when I was having
surgery and to develop them.  This I have done and wish to utilize them
as much as possible in helping anybody.

n April of 2004, I had the chance to meet famed psychic Peter James on
the Queen Mary ghost tour.  We became very good friends who would
also become my psychic mentor and very good friend for 3 years.
Latest News

In 2006 this was a very sad year for my wife and me.  Our little
dog, Lady, contracted Cancer.  She was 14 years old.  My wife
and I were in the vet's office when she passed on.  As soon as
the vet announced she was gone, I saw her orb as clear as the
paint on the wall, about 4 feet above her.  Two Angels were
there to take her to The Other Side and help her acclimate to
her new home.  A day later my spirit guide, Thomas, showed me
a picture of where she was.  It was like I was there watching her
become acclimated to her surroundings.  She was in a tall grass
field.  For two days she was by herself, then on the third day
they brought in two other dogs to keep her company.  By the
sixth day she had four other dogs with her.  On the eighth day
she was finished being acclimated and they were guided to a
stone bridge.  Lady and her friends crossed over this stone
bridge into a town made up of stone and bricks.  After that she
had the ability to visit us.  Many times she has visited us and with
my abilities I am able to see and talk to her once again.  She still
goes 'home' once in a awhile but she comes to us anytime we
call.  It is great to see her full of life pain free.  By the way, old
habits die hard.  She still comes to us and begs for a treat once
in a while.        

I am called to respond to residence's that have been
experiencing ghostly activity, which includes
poltergeist activity, unfamiliar sounds, whispering,
negative feelings, threatening shadows or fear of
entering a certain room that has an evil or strong
presence invading it or any other type of negative
paranormal activity.

I have for 1
4 years been involved in handling these
types of cases where a 'cleaning out' is performed by
myself and my Angels.  This cleaning out is done with
my own energy finding the ghost first then with the
assistance of twelve special Carrion Angels.  What we
do is this.  I find the ghost's negative energy, point
them out to the Angels and they surround the negative
energy with their wings, giving them to what I refer to
as a bear hug and carry the negative spirit away for
good taking them to what I refer to as the 'Holding Area'

or Purgatory
.  Once there they can never return.  This
clears out the residence of the negative ghosts and
makes the atmosphere in the home more positive and

Please, if you are experiencing any of these things that
I have mentioned and nothing else has worked, call or
e-mail or text me.  I do not bring or leave at your home
any type of bad or negative energy's or spirits.  I only
have the best of intentions for clearing your residence
of the bothersome ghosts.  I have had many successes
and past clients are still calling me to this day to thank
me for making their home a safer, quieter and more
positive place to live in.

To contact me please see the '
contact us' page.