My friend and mentor Peter James and
I on the Queen Mary.  After his
passing, he communicates with me on
a regular basis.
Welcome to my
Internet site

Please take your time.  There are a
lot of images to see.  The following
pages show paranormal pictures.  
To view any picture on any of the
pages just click on the picture and
it will enlarge.

What's new!
Check out the picture in the photo
album page of myself in the Santa
Claus suit.  Around me  and the
children are small and large orbs.

Check out the pictures from my
visit to the
Whaley House.

Also the pictures from King
Richards antique warehouse
where I did a ghost investigation.

Look at the orb pictures from my  
investigation on the
photo album
page and
more pictures part 2
page.  Also a picture of a large orb
(in the
'About Us' page) next to a
house that was torn down.

I did an investigation involving a 4
year old boy who would see
'monsters' in his room, and would
loose sleep over it.  He also has a
spirit playmate, which I contacted
and got a picture of his orb.  Story
and picture is on the '
pictures part 3' page.

I went down to the Yorba Family
Cemetery to see the 'Pink Lady'.  
Check out the pictures I took in
'Photo Album' page.

I visited the Mission Inn in
Riverside, CA.  See the Inn's
pictures on the '
Photo Album'
page. Pictures of bright orbs are
In the 'photo album' page is an orb
reflecting its own image in the
mirror.  Check it out!

Also on the page is my pic of a
very bright orb taken from inside
the Walker House in San Dimas.
I visited the infamous Viper Room
in West Hollywood.  After I made
contact with River Phoenix, I
assisted him in crossing over.  
Check out his orb in the
Album page.  Also check out the
new pictures of landmark places in
The house in Corona I have a picture
on the backyard fence of an Indian
face.  You can also see the
conclusion of my investigation on
more pictures part 2' page.
Check out the new pictures on
more pictures part 3'.  There is an
old manor that I took a picture of
after a rain storm and a picture of
an Indian hut with 4 orbs.
My page, Healings, is about the
Healings that I have been doing
and the types of different energy
healings I do.
I have a new recording on the 'Photo
Album' page.  It is of a door opening
and closing upstairs but it was
confirmed none of the family members
were upstairs.
the '
Photo Album' page, scroll to the
bottom and read the story about the
house in Montebello.  Then listen to the
recording.  It gave me a shiver when I
first heard it.
Take a look at the picture of the La
Purisima Mission.  In the one pic alone
is 187 orbs.

My wife took a picture of the window to
The Other Side.  See it on the '
pictures" page
Negative spirits or what I refer to as Shadow
ghosts are definitely among us and cause us grief
and exacerbate our personal problems to their
own advantage and enjoyment.  Read my
explanation on these negative entities in the

'About us' page.
Peter James and myself at my 50th
birthday party.
** Take a look at the new picture of
the Angel that a friend sent me on
Angels/Spirit guide page.

My wife took a picture of me
during the daylight and you can
see my
Angel John's bright purple
orb above me in

Angels and spirit guides.  There
are 3 pictures which I believe are
the energy orbs of them.  I also
wrote a new story about Angels
that heal.

Ghost Removal page contains
true stories of ghosts that me and
my Angels have removed from
private residences. I appreciate all
of them for contacting me for now
they live in a peaceful home,
without ghosts.

Go to the
Ghost Removals and
read about the haunted theater I
cleaned out of ghosts.  A friend of
mine just went there and was
scratched by one, which I got a pic

I just cleaned out a house where a
ghost scratched a friend of mine.
See the pic on the
Removals page.
My very good friend just went to
Spain on vacation.  He was
attacked at night by a ghost and
has the bruises on his body to
prove it!  Go to '
more pictures'
page and read the attached e-mail
of the story and pics of his bruises.
I was contacted by a cat owner
who had lost their cat for five
days.  Read the story on how I
assisted in finding their cat on the
more pictures page.
My friend took this pic in his home.  It
was a female ghost that had been
haunting him for some time.  My
Angels and I assisted her in crossing
This pic was sent to me by a friend.  
Notice the 5 skulls on the bottom right.  
I advised here that this were Shadow
ghosts hiding in her closet.  
I just received this pic from a
family that visited a museum.  
You can see the girl ghost in
the background.  
In addition to e-mailing me,
texting or a phone call you
can now follow me on
Facebook,  Twitter;  
@Paulgrogers, or instagram

La Purisima Mission picture

Hey everybody!  I just finished writing my autobiography.  It contains how I
met Peter James, how I got my abilities, ghost investigations, about my
Angels,  ghost removals and my own personal ghost story.  Please see below
on how to order your copy!


In my book is a 'How to guide' on how to obtain a Carrion Angel to come down
and help you get rid of ghosts.  It is time to break tradition and try this new
technique I have developed and I want to teach each and everyone of you
how to do it.  Please purchase my book and learn how to do this so we can
help anybody who is in need of removing the bothersome entity.       
Link to purchase e-book:
When Shadows are not Shadows At All

by Paul Rogers
Link to purchase hard copy:
When Shadows are not
Shadows At All

by Paul Rogers
Here is a pic of myself.  On the plants
leaves is a green orb, indicative of
being an Angel.
Mi libro, "Cuando las sombras no son
sombras en absoluto", estara
disponible en augusto del 2014 en
espanol.  Este libro se trata de mi vida
como Medium Y detective de
fantasmas I contiene investigaciones
paranormal que yo he hecho.

Enlace para comprar copias impresas
If you are experiencing ghost,
poltergeist, negative spirit or any type of
negative paranormal activity in your
home please go to the '
about us' page
and see how I can assist you with
permanently removing these problems.  
See related stories in the
Removals page.
** I just received an e-mail describing the
horrible condition a client was living in after
moving into her
condo 2 weeks prior. It is quite
an interesting story on how I cleaned out her
Read my explanation about spirit
guides.  The article is on the
Angels/Spirit Guide page.
I did a podcast with Mysticmag.  Here is the link to it so you can
download and listen to

Link to podcast:   Look for Paul G Rogers

I am currently doing personal readings contacting
spirits that have crossed over, energy healing's,
ghost investigations, ghost removals, psychic
reading parties and dream interpretations at your
residence for Southern California or other parts of
the country.  If you are interested in an
appointment, please see the
'Contact Us' page
and either
call me, send a text or  e-mail me and
I will get back to you as soon as I can.
To the believer no explanation is necessary, to the
non-believer no explanation is possible.

Peter James  ( I always loved this philosophy)
Click on this second link to see and hear a homeowner describe
her ordeal in her haunted home:
Homeowner talking about her haunted home
Go to the More pictures part 2 page
where I have started a new section on
pics that people have sent me.  The
latest is two small girls in a pumpkin
patch and a very detailed ghost arm is
My book, Learning to control your
psychic abilities through discipline and
meditation is now available on Amazon.

Link to purchase a hard copy

When my enemies are turned back, they shall fall and perish at
my presence.
Check out my new pics of
poltergeist attacks on people. It is
on the bottom of the '
Removals' page.  
A close friend of mine had her Son
and his fiancé pass away from a
motorcycle accident.  Go to the '
pictures' page, see the pics and read
this love story that crosses over from
this Earthly plane to The Other Side.  
A new client contacted me stating
her daughter was acting strange.  
She was speaking in a different
language, her hands would curl up
and face outward, she would sit up
in bed in the early morning wide
eyed staring upward and speaking
Latin.  The rest of the story is on
the '
Ghost Removal page" on the
bottom along with the actual voice
recording of her speaking in a
unfamiliar tongue.
*** I just returned from Colorado
where I visited my Grand-daughter.  
The video I got from there is
amazing!  A huge amount of floating
and what I call running Orbs.  Go to
YouTube link and see the video.
Just got back from visiting the Hotel
Del Coronado in San Diego.  Very
haunted place.  Watch my video on
You Tube of the front lobby
staircase of the flying orbs.  The
orbs seem to twist and fly into the
picture then do a U-turn and fly
back out.
Hey everybody!!  I finished my third
book, 'When Shadows are not Shadows at
All, The Next Chapter'  It is available
through Amazon.  Just click on the link

Link to Amazon for hard copy

Link to Kindle E-book