The following pictures are of the current ghost investigation that I am conducting
in a house in Corona.  The previous pictures on the 'Photo Album' page.  My
investigation has yielded that the Luiseno Indians lived in San Diego, Riverside,
San Bernardino Counties.  They would put down roots and live in the same area
for thousands of years before the Spaniards and later on the American Calvary
came into their lives.  One thing that got my attention was a great chief, Wuyoot,
who gave his creation of celebrating the dead to the Indians.  The Luiseno's
would celebrate the human spirit and the relation of life and death, by performing
songs and burning the clothes and an image of the person inside a fenced
ceremonial enclosure.  I feel that disease and battles brought about by the
Spaniard's and the calvary, plus this ceremony, is the reason that this area is
vastly haunted.  
This picture was taken on my second
visit, in the home owner's backyard.  
This is my friend and fellow psychic
Lisa. The picture I took is of the small
palm tree in the corner in the
background.  The palm branch is
drooping to the right.  You can just
make out a face.  I have blown it up in
the yellow circle to see it better. To me
it looks like an Indian face looking to
the right.  The orb to the right of Lisa's
head, you can see 2 faces in the orb
itself.  I also enlarged it in the red
We had just finished checking out the
master bedroom closet, where the
home owner had heard footsteps in it
from downstairs, when we were met by
this orb, which is at the top of the
doorway.  It is a Caucasian woman,
40's, 5'6.  She had a strong
personality and tends to worry too
much.  She told me she was from
Philadelphia and was a preachers
wife.  She died around 1910.
I sensed a male American Indian here
who told me that he lived in this area.  I
sensed it was around the mid 1800's.  
He told me that his tribe was contacted
by the calvary, specifically a young
Lieutenant wearing a blue calvary shirt
with gold bars on top of his shoulders,
light blue pants with a gold stripe and a
calvary hat with the crossed swords on
it.  He also had a mustache with the
ends curled upward.  The Indian said
that his tribe was promised the world
but received nothing.  He told me that
his tribe was later moved to a
reservation in New Mexico.  I also felt
heat coming from him, possibly from a
fever.  I feel that is how he died.  You
can see his orb in the middle of the
cabinet.  After speaking to him I
assisted him with crossing over.   
This is a picture that the home owner
took of the cabinet where the Indian
was that I assisted to the Other Side.  
There is one orb that is moving.  I feel
that this is the Indian I was
communicating with.  I sense that the
orb to the left is a female entity and the
one on the bottom is a young boy.
The picture on the left is up the street from the home owner.  Right at the corner
on the sidewalk is where I stood and I sensed that there were bones underneath
my feet.  That is when the home owner told me that she had talked to a neighbor
who has lived here for awhile.  She said that one day it rained very hard, when
this land was covered in orange trees.  The rain washed several skeletons down
the hill where they had to be removed.  You can see a perfect orb in the area of
the corner.  The picture on the right is of a larger orb in the upper part of the
picture, also in the same area of the corner.  At the cross street is where I felt an
imprint of a very large rock circle.  I stepped into the circle and saw a large bon
fire going on.  No doubt this is where the Luiseno Indians would perform their
ceremonies honoring the dead.  
Here is a different angle as I helped
the Indian cross over.  As I was talking
him into going into the light (which
looks like a oval opening) he moved
closure to it.  You can see his orb has
now moved to the top of the reddish
couch left arm.  It is on top of the arm.  
When he got close enough I asked him
to describe what he saw.  He let out a
loud yell and said he saw his chief.  He
ran into the light, yelling with his arms
stretched skyward.  
This is an avocado grove near the
home owner's house.  She had
explained to me that when she went to
the grove to buy avocado's she had a
feeling of dread and despair and left
quickly.  The first thing I felt was an
imprint of a stone house where there
were several Indians in a line waiting to
go inside.  I could feel the despair.  
Next to the stone house was a
gallows.  As I walked further down the
road I hit on an imprint of a wooden
fort with box type wooden lookout
posts on the eastern corners.  This
picture was taken at the grove where a
couple of orbs appeared for us.  
I had made contact with a relative of
the home owner and was in the middle
of the reading, when an Indian chief
came into the room.  He was about 5'8,
was wearing a long full head-dress with
long feathers dripping down the front.  
I had another person in the room take
a picture of the chief (it is in the
ceiling) and as you can see the orb is
quite large.  I assisted him in crossing
over.  And yes, he was the chief of the
previous Indian I contacted.  
More Pictures-Part 2
                               PICTURES PEOPLE HAVE SENT ME
This picture was sent to me by a friend.  Her
cousin took the picture of her face against a
mirror.  You can see the Shadow Ghosts
face in the middle and the letter 'X' on its
head.  This is the most detailed pic I have
seen to date of the ghosts I have been
crossing over.
A good friend of mine just sent me this
pic.  It is his wife at her birthday party
when he took this picture.  Notice how
the swirls are going in different
directions.  I opened up to the energy
on the pic and found out it was her
Father paying a visit.  
A friend of mine sent me this pic
that was taken three years ago
at a pumpkin patch.  Notice how
you can see the back ground
through the forearm.