Picture to the right; I had always heard
that after or during a rain storm spirits
obtained more energy and would
appear easier to us.  This is the
Phillips Mansion in Pomona.  When I
first pulled up to the house I sensed a
very strong energy/presence on the
porch.  You can see a large orb on the
porch plus several other orbs in the
Note; At the time of these pictures it
was NOT raining.  And I could not walk
up to the house due to a 7 foot high
fence.  I took the pictures from the
March 9, 2006 - This is Teddy.  I was
contacted by his Mom who told me he
was having trouble sleeping because
of the people (spirits) in his room.  He
would have trouble going to sleep, but
then would wake up every couple of
hours because of the spirits.  This has
been going on for a couple of weeks.  
Due to a scheduling conflict I met
Teddy at his Grandmother's house.  
My first impression was that he has a
lot of psychic energy emanating from
him.  His Mom told me that he is always
playing and talking to an invisible
friend.  In this picture you can see he
is looking at his 'invisible friend'.  His
friends orb is on the door.  His friend
told me his name is Charlie and lived
on an adobe/hacienda right where we
were standing.  Charlie was killed back
in the early 1800's when he was
walking behind a cow, and suddenly
the cow kicked him in the forehead
killing him.
I performed a sleep healing on Teddy
and the next day the Mom e-mailed me
saying that Teddy had slept like a
baby all night.
Picture to the left; I took several
pictures but this one and the next one
were the last 2 pictures.  You can see
a very bright circular light in the upper
left corner.  When I reviewed this
picture I thought it was a light from
somewhere else or a large rain drop.  
A few seconds later I took this picture from
the same angle and the 'white light' has
moved up to the left.  So much for a rain
drop or a fixed light.  (By the way.  Look at
the top picture and you can see that there
is no fixed light in the same area.)

The house belongs to the historical
society.  When I contacted them about
doing an investigation they said that no I
couldn't do one because they already
have a psychic and the house is full of
electronic equipment.  I asked who the
psychic was and his group and they
wouldn't tell me.  

Note; I do have the ability to look at a
photograph, either film or digital and tell if
the house, building, etc., is haunted by a
man, woman or child.  The top picture, I
got a vision of a tall lanky, strict man who
was either the original or a past owner.  He
had very stern look on his face and a
strong personality.  
These are pictures from a replica of an
Indian hut at Heritage Park in Santa Fe
Springs.  When I walked past it during
the day I hit on an imprint of an Indian
family, a husband, wife and 2 children.
I went back at night and took the
above pictures.  The bottom picture
has 4 orbs.  There are 2 in the trees,
one by the small sign and one a few
feet to the right of the sign.  This is an
area where the Tongva/Gabrieleno
Indians lived.  The history of these
Indians is just like other tragic stories
about the Indians.  They died due to
You never know where you are going
to see spirits or ghosts.  My wife and I
visited the Filipini winery in Rancho
Cucamonga, CA and on the tour of the
winery I casually took pictures.  When I
got home I found orbs in these 2
pictures.  Top picture has 2 orbs on
the back wall and the bottom picture
has 2 orbs on the left, back tank.
Part 4 of the house in Corona ghost investigation; I was contacted by the home
owner about coming back because there were some strange happenings
occurring.  Specifically, when her sister would come home their dog would bark
at the sister and growl and then run and hide.  This had been going on for a
couple of months.  Plus the ceiling fan light would go on when the owner and her
boyfriend were both in the master bedroom and the sister would walk through
the front door from work.  
When my wife and I arrived we went into the master bedroom and immediately
felt a heaviness in the room.  It was so strong that my wife walked out of the
bedroom for a few minutes and then walked back in and could still feel the
heaviness in the air.  When the sister came home the light did not go on, but
when she came into the room I sensed an angry, intimidating spirit had latched
on to her.  His name was Ethan and he was not happy that I was there.  He came
up to me trying to intimidate me but it did not work.  So I confronted him and told
him to leave.  He would not be persuaded to easily so I asked my spirit guide
Thomas to assist.  We contacted my Arch-angel John and he showed up to
help.  It took all three of us to get rid of Ethan.  He screamed and yelled at us
that he wasn't leaving, but we prevailed and he grudgingly left.  The dog hasn't
barked or been afraid of the sister since.  
The last time I was there we figured out why the master bedroom is so active, as
seen by the below pictures.  In the backyard is an imprint of 2 teepee's and a
busy Indian family.  The boyfriend, at night, is always hearing a busy rustling
sound like someone is doing stuff in the backyard.  Of course there would be no
one there.  There is also an imprint of a very old and sacred oak tree in their
front room and I discovered an imprint of a totem pole in the master bedroom
closet.  This triangle I feel has created a vortex of energy that allows the spirits
to utilize and make themselves known.  The following pictures are of the master
bedroom only.  You can see by the abundance of the spirit orbs that indeed their
bedroom is a hot bed of paranormal activity.  
Note: There are too many pictures to be seen so I had to make them smaller to
fit all of them in.  Just click on the picture and it will make it enlarge.       
WOW!  Next to the plants leaves is a
green orb!  See the page on Angels.
The picture to the right has 35 orbs in