Paranormal Pictures
La Purisima Mission
At this very spot is where I felt that 4 Indians were
executed by Spanish soldiers.  The picture does look
like there is something wrong with it.  But when
examined closer it reveals 187 orbs in the picture
alone.  With so many orbs it makes the picture look

This is the place where I would experience a
paranormal imprint, at night, that would be forever
ingrained in my mind.  My paranormal investigation
group, which consisted of myself and two others,
were trying to locate another psychic that had come
with us.  We were standing on the wooden sidewalk
in front of one of the main building.  In front and to the
left of us was an opening that was shaped like an
archway that you could walk through to the other side
of the building.  We had all decided to continue the
search farther north of this building.  As we all started
walking and were passing the archway suddenly a
loud 'BANG' like a gunshot went off above and to the
left of us.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a very
large round whitish-bluish flash.  We all hit the
ground and started looking around for possibly
someone was shooting at us.  (I have been a gun
owner and avid shooter for many years and I know
what a gunshot sounds like and this was definitely
one!)  I was the first one to get up and I ran down the
hallway to see if I could see anybody.  There was no
one around or near the building.  We all figured it was
an imprint of when the Spanish solders arrived after
the Indians had rioted and the solders were randomly
shooting them down.  500 Indians were killed and
buried on the grounds.  
Linda Vista Hospital
This is an abandoned hospital in Los Angeles. This
picture was taken in the basement corridor leading
into the boiler room.  When we first walked into the
corridor, several of us heard 2 male voices at the end
of the corridor.  My colleague said that it sounded like
two of our peers and ran down to meet them.  When
the rest of us got down to the other end, there was no
one else there except my colleague.  When I enlarged
the picture, you can see a very large orb at the end of
the corridor.  There is another very bright orb in the
upper right hand corner.
Room at the Queen Mary.  This is where a husband
murdered his wife and 2 children.  You can see 2
orbs on the bottom of the picture.
Picture of my friend with a strong entity in front of him
at his house.
Photos of Past investigations and other pictures
Christmas day 2004.  This picture was
taken at a relatives house.  That is me in
the Santa Claus suit taking a picture with
my relatives children.  Enlarge the picture
and you can see large and small orbs.
This is my friends house a year later.  
Something told him to get out his camera
and take pictures in his bedroom.  He also
took pictures in the rest of his house but this
is the only room that revealed 3 orbs.
The following pictures are from a home where I conducted a ghost investigation on 10/11/05.  Apparently the owners
had a troublesome ghost(s) and wanted me to find out who it was.  My investigation yielded a lot.  There were 3 main
ghosts that were at the house.  A 5 year old Hispanic male, a male colonial militia man from 1776 and an older Asian
male.  Two separate Vortex's were discovered in their front room.  The pictures were taken by the owner, who did an
excellent job!  Little did I realize that this house and the surrounding area would bring me back several more times
and yield a lot of paranormal activity and pictures.
The Hispanic boy (Carlos) is seen on the left
under the chair.  Joshua, the colonial
militiaman is on the right lower wall.  Carlos
is the one that would turn on the upstairs fan,
turn their computer off in the middle of the
night and turn off the clock on the microwave.  
After I assisted both ghosts in crossing over
the owner has reported a more quieter
The front room Vortex.  It is just right of the
banister.  There is an orb next to the banister
on the floor and halfway up the bannister.
Large orb above me.  I am holding the video
Large bright orb upper right.
Very clear bright orb on the blinds.
The wall is where we discovered another
Vortex.  It was much smaller than the other
one and is in the shape of a circle.  The
owners cat was always pawing at it.  You can
see an orb lower wall.
Orb is noticeable on the 'N' on his shirt.  See
the page on Angels.
The 'Yorba Linda' cemetery.  This is where the urban legend 'The Pink Lady' was
to show on June 15th, 2006 between 10pm to midnight.  Well I waited for her, but
to no avail.  She did not show.  I did capture in pictures a few interesting orbs.  
I had taken this picture by the main entrance to the cemetery.  
Later when I had a chance to look at it, I noticed several orbs.  I
got into a conversation with one of the onlookers and he had
found out from one of the neighbors, that this housing complexes
tennis court had been an Indian burial ground.  He told him that
when they started digging for the tennis court, they unearthed
many human remains.  You can see the tennis courts in the
upper right.
This picture was taken on the east side of the
cemetery.  You can see an orb next to the thick post.
This is the spot were the 'Pink Lady' was suppose
to appear.  Look at the white cross and there is an
orb on the cross-beam.  There is also an orb near
the bottom left, next to an iron bar of the fence.  
Maybe one of these orbs is the Pink Lady?
In the picture to
the left, there is a
large orb.  This is
the main
entrance to the
A pipe broke in our townhouse and flooded
upstairs and downstairs.  This picture was
taken at random by me for insurance
purposes, but I didn't realize till later when I
took a closer look at what I had.  Just below
my shoes is 2 orbs.  Or is it just 1 orb?  You
see the closet doors are mirrored.  My
question is this.  Is the orb in front of me
reflecting in the mirror so it looks like 2 orbs
or is it 2 distinct orbs reflecting in front of the
mirror.  There is another orb in the middle
upper part of the picture on the wood border.  
Look diagonally to the right and you see a
dark ring, like a shadow.  Could this second
orb in front of the mirror be casting a
reflective shadow on the mirror?  

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The Mission Inn in the City of Riverside, CA.  I was
attending a class staying at the Marriot hotel.  It turns
out that the Mission Inn was 2 short blocks away.  
After seeing the pictures I got, I can safely say that it is
definitely haunted.  
This is the room I stayed at in the Marriot Hotel.  The first spirit I met
(picture on the left) was brought to me to assist in crossing over.  His
name was Tom Forman who died in the early 1880's.  Even though his
orb is small, he had a very large and strong energy.  The picture on the
right is of a Hispanic male by the name of Fred Salazar.  He also died in
the 1880's.  I assisted both in crossing over.
Orbs were prevalent in all of the pictures of the exterior of the Mission Inn.  
The picture on the upper right shows many large and medium orbs.  In the
middle of the picture, there is a balcony that I felt strong energy.  The picture
bottom left, has an orb just above the tower, which was as bright as the
moon.  The picture on the bottom right, after you maximise it, shows a green
orb in the middle of the picture.
               THE VIPER ROOM
My friend Jason lives about a half a block
away form the famous Viper Room bar.  So
we took a walk up to it.  This bar is famous
for entertaining the rich and famous.  The
front door is where River Phoenix had a drug
overdose and died.  I did make contact with
him.  He was extremely confused and lost
but was still hanging around the place where
he passed away.  It took me 10 minutes just
to make him notice me.  When he did he
walked over to me, told me he missed his
brother.  I then assisted him in crossing
River's orb is against the pillar on the right.  
His orb is quite large and strong.
The orb just above me is River Phoenix.  He
was quite lost and confused when I
contacted him.
Several other orbs
appeared around the
door.  This is the
sidewalk where he
crossed over.
This is Club Rage in West Hollywood.  Recently I attended this
club to celebrate my very good friend's birthday.  While watching
the show I was visited by a female ghost who asked for my help.  
2 weeks later I came back and discovered that indeed the
building is haunted.  The left picture has an orb in the upper left
hand corner.  The right hand picture shows the female spirit,
Jennifer, that I originally contacted.  She was 16 years old and
died in 1977.  She couldn't tell me how she died except that she
was walking on the sidewalk with her friends.  I got a strong
feeling that she was hit from behind by an out-of-control car.  Her
orb is on the right pillar, in the brown painted area.  It is faint but
her energy was strong.      
This is the dance floor and you can see that both
pictures have several orbs in it.  At this time I hit on an
imprint of an Indian teepee in the middle of the floor.  
This stairway, I saw a male
standing on the steps
glaring at me.  He was
wearing all black and would
not communicate with me.  
His presence was very
strong and I could tell he
was not happy.  His orb is
on the lower stairway,
second one down in the
Two months ago I was asked to perform a ghost investigation at a private residence in Montebello.  I
discovered that their house was built on very old land that originally housed the Gabriellano Indians.  To
confirm the Indians were present in the area I found out that 2 miles away the original San Gabriel Mission was
built.  A few years later the mission was destroyed by a flood and the priests moved it to the City of San
Gabriel.  But the priests would only build a mission of there were Indians nearby to convert to Christianity.  At
the house there are several energy imprints of teepees, trees and fire pits to where they would perform their
rituals.  I advised them that one of the fire pits was in their dining room.  They were surprised to hear this
because when they are sitting in their kitchen and look into the dining room they have seen a wisp of smoke
come from the ground and travel upward.  The teepees are outside in the driveway and backyard.  The
owners told me that they have heard 'rustling' noises in those areas like people walking or working.  They also
hear heavy footsteps and see shadows on their walls when they enter an un-lite room.  I also discovered a
Vortex in their front room.  Which leads me to this.  I received a phone call from them telling me that they had
just come home from work and discovered a strange message on their message machine.  Now their
answering machine time stamps and shows the caller-ID on every call.  This message did not register a time
stamp nor a caller-ID telephone number.  It is a haunting message from a, I feel, a lost ghost that probably
came through the Vortex.  Listen to it for yourself.
                                                                                                HOLLYWOOD LANDMARKS
The Pantages Theater in Hollywood
is very haunted.  The orbs in these
three pictures are magnificent.
August 2008--I completed an investigation at a private residence.  The house had been built in 1911 but the
San Fernando Valley in which it resides has a long and violent history.  The house was built in an area
where an old west type fort was at.  American Indians also had been in the area for thousands of years.  
Inside the house were a couple of ghosts which I crossed over.  There is also a large vortex in the middle of
the house.  While I was doing readings in the downstairs front room, I had left my digital recorder on
upstairs.  During this recording there was nobody upstairs, for they were all downstairs with me.  The house
also has creaky bare wooden stairs so you could hear someone walk upstairs.  At no time do you hear
someone walking up the stairs.  At the beginning of the recording you will hear a door creak open, then
hear a couple of loud bangs, then the door open and close again.  Go to almost the end of the recording
and turn the volume up all the way and listen for a high pitched 'moan'.  I have yet to figure out what this is.  
I recently went to the Walker House in
San Dimas for my niece's wedding.  
The top pic is the first pic I took of the
famous home built in 1890.  The orb
on the upper left is he original owners
wife, who has a large portrait of herself
in the entry way.